Roll on spring!

It’s the 27th March and, right on time, our mallards have turned up in the garden.  Since 2008, these two ducks have spent the spring season here, stirring up the pond, eating the bird seed and generally crashing out like a couple of teenagers.  For the first time last year, they tried nesting in the garden but the eggs disappeared within a couple of days of my discovering them.  They’ll stay until June and then leave.  Maybe, this year, they’ll have more success.

Our rabbit is still here, (yes, that’s him – or her) having arrived as a tiny tot 12 months ago.  He/she has a liking for bird seed and apples.  We have a tawny owl calling in the garden and a long tailed tit who has taken to checking out the kitchen window.  Two of the local buzzards are spending a lot of time in the trees at the bottom of the field and I’m hoping for a new nest.  I’ve discovered another badger sett close by so I’ll be having another go at getting some pics as soon as my camera trap gets me some info.  Otherwise, it’s business as usual.

Elsewhere, we’ve seen chiffchaffs and a lot of mating behaviour on the fishing lakes.  Spring is definitely on the horizon.

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