IMG_1556Welcome to my website.

I’ve been taking photographs of wildlife for around 12 years and my only regret is that I didn’t start earlier.  My wife and I took a trip to the Galapagos Islands in 2009 with my trusty second-hand Minolta and medium telephoto lens and I was hooked.  We now spend most of our holidays on new and interesting nature trips or combining ‘normal’ holidays with any opportunity to add to our wildlife experiences.  I’ll photograph just about anything in the natural world and I’m just as fascinated by leaf-cutter ants as I am by elephants and polar bears.

Have a look around my site and pop something in the ‘search’ box if you are interested in something special.  Click to enter a slide show from any of the thumbnails and click again to enlarge the image. 

I write a nature blog every few weeks which is published on the ‘Ray’s blog’ page of my site, on our ‘Yetton Together’ village website, ’Kirkheaton Matters’ facebook page, and in the Kirkheaton parish magazine.

If you would like to purchase any image, please feel free to contact me at raybrownuk@yahoo.co.uk and I will send a high-resolution file.  I normally accept a donation for the use of my images to support Zarach (www.zarach.org), a leeds based charity whose strapline is ‘Eat, sleep, learn’ and who provide beds and other essentials for children in poverty.

You can check out Zarach by using the link to the right of this page.

I live in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and conduct photographic presentations to a wide variety of groups, both private and public, in return for a charitable donation.  My current subjects are:

  • Florida – wildlife Heaven – one of the best places in the world to get up close and personal to wildlife, visiting Sanibel Island’s beaches and reserves, Sarasota’s Celery Fields and the Myakka River State Park.  See America’s giant alligators in action, the magnificent osprey and bald eagle, the beautiful painted bunting and much more.
  • Desert and Delta (Namibia and Botswana) – wild dogs, leopards, huge birds of prey, butterflies and the beetles of Namibia’s desert with an amazing technique for collecting drinking water.
  • Pole Dancing a hop and a skip from Norway to Svalbard to Greenland  – Aurora borealis, icebergs, polar bears, arctic foxes, whales and walruses, as well as a host of other wildlife from the top of the world.
  • Canada and Alaska -grizzly and black bears, seals and sea-lions, bald eagles – and the calving Hubbard glacier!
  • Cortez to California – from the biggest animal that ever lived, the massive blue whale, grey (friendly) whales, flying mobula rays and breaching humpbacks of the Sea of Cortez and Baja’s peninsula, to the tiny hummingbirds of California.  An amazing mix of intriguing wildlife.
  • A Sri Lanka sojourn – a trip through some of Sri Lanka’s best national parks and countryside in search of the incredible birds and animals of this part of the Indian sub-continent.
  • Yorkshire Mixture – a selection of images from the sea-birds of Bempton Cliffs to the squirrels of Snaizeholme, and, of course, the birds and animals from my own back garden.  A lesson in why you don’t, necessarily, have to travel overseas to get some great wildlife.
  • Taking Nature – a selection of some of my favourite images of animals, birds, reptiles and insects – hummingbirds, kingfishers, owls and ospreys, portraits and action – and there’s a story with each one.
  • Penguins and Pinnipeds, an expedition to Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands with its penguins, albatrosses and a little of Shackleton’s amazing story, ‘SOUTH’.
  • Land of the Tiger, an introduction to the wildlife of four of Central India’s best reserves including, of course, the Royal Bengal tigers.

My remaining speaking engagements for 2022/23 are shown below:

7 September 2022, Aspire at Xland Moor – ‘Pole dancing’

7 October 2022, Aspire at Birkby Croft – ‘Land of the tiger’

13 October 2022, Aspire at St John’s, Birkby, ‘Florida, wildlife Heaven’

13 October 2022, Aspire at Berry Brow, ‘Taking nature’

31 October 2022 Craven luncheon group, Keighley – ‘Yorkshire Mixture’

1 November 2022 Whitley seniors – ‘Taking nature’

2 November 2022, Shepley bird and wildlife – tba

10 November 2022, Lindley supper club, Lindley Methodist church – ‘Cortez to California’

11 April 2023, Kirkheaton community centre – ‘Florida – Wildlife heaven’

25 May 2023, Thornhill PROBUS – ‘Taking nature’

7 November 2023, Flockton WI – ‘Cortez to California’

Feel free to email me if you would like further information about the talks, venues, availability or organisations listed above.  And have a look at my blog for a few random thoughts about the natural world.

I hope you enjoy your visit,

Ray Brown

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