Namibia and Botswana

We’ve been back from Africa for a couple of weeks and it has taken me that time to sort out my new computer and go through my photos.  Namibia and Botswana are amazing places.  Namibia is great for driving yourself and DIY game spotting but the Okavango Delta in Botswana is a different ball-game.  There are no roads and you need to fly in to the small game lodges dotted about the delta, using light aircraft.  We stayed at Pom Pom camp and Moremi Crossing, two great but very different camps.  Pom Pom is mostly land based with game drives across the plains, Moremi Crossing water based with Mokoro (flat bottom canoes) and motor boat transport.

I’m not going to go on about the amazing wildlife we saw.  There’s always plenty to see, but the beauty about Africa is that when you are not watching something, you are watching for something and that can be equally as exciting.  We were rewarded by some great Leopard sightings after seeing none last year.  Wild dogs made a couple of appearances and, amazingly, we found a Pel’s fishing owl high up in a tree in a wooded area not far from Pom Pom.  One of the surprises was a Baboon eating a young impala, which it had killed and dragged up a tree.  We learned that impalas and baboons often stayed close, the impalas taking advantage of the baboons’ ability to spot predators from their vantage points in the trees and warn everyone around of impending danger.

So, I hope you enjoy some of the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them…

sunset 2

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