My guests have gone!

All last week, the young tawny owl(s) were scratching around trying to climb out of the box and I was dying to get some pics of them emerging to check out their new world.  On Friday, we went away for the weekend and on our return on Sunday, without so much of a ‘by your leave’, they’d gone, the box quite empty.  Flitted.  Fledged.

But, last night, I could hear their soft tweeting from the trees next door so they’re still about and maybe I’ll find them in daylight before they become independent.  I don’t know how many there are, but I’m delighted to have had them and hope the adults return next year.

Today, I searched for the young without success, but I did find one of the adults, resting in my neighbour’s tree (above).

As if to compensate for my loss of the baby photo, a barn owl, clutching its prey, did a fly past for me just out of Walkington, Beverley.  You can check out those images, together with red-legged partridges and a brown hare, on my latest posts.

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