The milk bottle challenge

(The featured image in this post was taken by Dimitar Dilkoff)


Some say there is a catastrophe waiting around the corner in the form of plastic and its devastating effect on wildlife and the environment.  Some say, the catastrophe has already happened.  Nearly 300 million tonnes of plastic bottles are produced every year and we continue to use them and then throw them away.  Only around 5-7% is recycled.

8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped in our oceans each year, the equivalent to one truck load every minute.  It is estimated that by 2050, plastic in the oceans will weigh more than the fish.  In some Pacific islands, thousands of miles from any habitation, birds live among plastic waste and many young birds die from ingesting plastic, mistaking it for food.

We can take some simple steps to reduce plastic waste – stop buying bottle water, dispose of plastic properly, recycling where possible, don’t buy plastic cotton buds.  Declare war on litter which blows and floats miles to end up who knows where.

Click on the milk bottle challenge link at the right of this post to learn more plastic facts and pledge to help reduce this growing menace.


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  1. Plastic in our oceans presents a real global threat. Here in Santa Cruz County, California, we have a very active recycle program for plastic, paper, metal, and glass.

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