Magnus – the good news, then the mystery

Yes, he’s still here and doing ok.  In fact, I’m relatively pleased with his progress because now he’s back to flying short distances, he’s eating well and, as yet, has avoided the attentions of the daily sparrow hawk visit.  Interestingly, he seems to have learned my voice.  When I put his food out, I shout him and within seconds he’s back feeding from his tray.

He still doesn’t behave like a proper magpie, preferring to mind his own business, leave other birds alone and sit on the kitchen window sill from time to time.  I suspect he’ll be with us for some time so, save for any major changes, this will be by final Magnus post.  After all, no news is good news…

And then, there was a period of around 3-4 days when he went missing and I feared he was lost to a predator.  I’m still not certain because he doesn’t turn up for his food like he did.  But this morning, I heard a rustling in the camellia in front of our kitchen window.  I went to investigate and a magpie flew out!  It’s difficult to differentiate between flying magpies but I can’t think why any other bird, other than Magnus, would be sitting in that particular bush.  So I’m hopeful that he’s just spreading his wings.  I’ll report back if I can confirm it was him…

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  1. We are waiting for the next chapter in “Magnus the Magpie”. I think there is a possible BBC nature series here.

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