We missed our train at Manchester airport last night and had to catch the next one.  In Manchester, we were joined by Leo (5yrs?), his mother and family, who had spent the day in Blackpool.  Leo sat at our table and we played computer games with him, some involving identifying shapes and colours and others with penguins, fish and whale sounds, and an octopus.  That is, until spiders entered the conversation and it soon became clear that Leo was an authority on many things ‘animal’.  In fact, his knowledge spread to peregrine falcons, lions, tigers, spider monkeys, spiders, in particular, tarantulas and all manner of other beasts.  He told me that tarantulas have eight eyes, two in the middle and another three on either side!  Not surprisingly, his favourite tv personality is David Attenborough.

I guess that, if we’d had time, I might have learned many more facts from Leo and I was rather pleased we’d missed our train and happened upon this delightful child.  I gave his mum my site details in the hope that he might enjoy some of my photos.

Oh that many more children would develop such an interest instead of engaging with some of the rubbish that is pushed upon them from all directions.  I’d love to know what the future holds for Leo…

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