Far Ings on a very wet day

I made another trip to Far Ings today.  The  weather was awful when I left Huddersfield and didn’t improve when I arrived at the reserve.  My first few hours at Ness Lake hide produced little out of the ordinary but I had a visit from a flock of very wet Long Tailed Tits who found some interest in the reed beds.  A couple of snipe were lurking in the reeds and it was great weather for ducks!  The rain stopped at about 1pm and just after 3pm I decided it was about time to go.  I’m glad I lingered just a few more minutes because my eyes set upon a movement at the edge of the reed beds and there was a bittern poking about in the open.  She (guesswork) found a fish, dispatched it and then made her way stealthily across the open patch to disappear in the reeds once more.  I saw my first Bittern at Far Ings last November and it was a very long shot.  This was much closer and, given a bit better light, would have been perfect.  Still, musn’t grumble…

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