Eye Eye, it’s lockdown day

Today is Covid lockdown day – again. So for the next four weeks we’re all restricted to leaving the house for daily exercise and no unnecessary travel. There’s something about work and shopping too but that part passed me by. Those restrictions in themselves will limit my chances of posting new images but I’m also getting a couple of eye operations out of the way throughout the autumn/winter so I can keep on shooting wildlife until I’m 90… The first one went very well thanks to the team at Halifax general and three weeks later I feel fine so, hopefully, I can still check my focus.

So I’m still looking for a ‘project’, something that can keep me occupied for a little while without undoing my repairs and, at the same time, produce some interesting shots. My obvious choices are to look for a different aspect with the badgers or to try and do something different in the garden. The trailcam set up in the garden caught badgers and foxes last week. The problem is stretching my imagination but that’s probably not a bad thing because we can all too easily look for easy options.

Check out the site in a couple of weeks to see if my imagination produced any fruit – or if you know where there’s anything interesting within striking distance of Kirkheaton, why not let me know.

The covid restrictions have had another effect on my ‘work’ this year. Around a dozen of my wildlife presentations have been cancelled and, as a result, my fees which support my chosen charity have been, largely, curtailed. My 2021 calendars will bring in some donations but that’s a small percentage of what I would normally donate.

For the past two years, I have supported a fairly new Leeds based charity,, whose main aim is to give beds to children in poverty. However, during lockdown, they have expanded their work into providing meals and education packs to the underprivileged children of Leeds. I commend this organisation to you and ask you to have a look at what they are doing either by going direct to their web address above or by clicking on the link to the right of my blog page. I am sure they would be delighted at your visit and even more so if you sent a small donation.

Keep safe.

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