Charles Darwin and my flying fish

Occasionally, I sell a photograph in support of my chosen charities, WaterAid and Christians Against Poverty (CAP).  This, in itself, is hardly newsworthy but a couple of weeks ago, I had a request from a delightful American author by the name of Rebecca Stefoff, who has written many books mostly aimed at children and young people.  Rebecca has been contracted to produce an adaptation of Charles Darwin’s 1859 book ‘On the Origin of Species’, for young readers.

At this point, I confess I have never read this important literary work, (although we did, by chance, visit the Galápagos Islands on Darwin’s 200th anniversary) and did not know that flying fish get a mention in chapter 6.  In her search for a suitable illustration, Rebecca came across a flying fish image on my site and the long and the short of it is that one of my fish images will be gracing the pages of the new book in about 18 months time.

This is a worldwide publication and, as an amateur photographer, I feel fairly chuffed to be contributing to this work.  I will be reading the signed copy of the book in due course…

Update – Rebecca’s book is now out and what a great read it is.  Although, be prepared for a bit of re-reading because it’s still not the easiest book to understand first time.  It has put to bed some of my misconceptions about Darwin’s book and I would certainly recommend this edition.  And, the artwork on the cover is pretty spectacular.

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