Badgers – and cows!

There are badgers at the bottom of the field and getting a decent photo has proved difficult for a number of reasons, not least that the sett is under trees and the animals never seem to emerge until its pitch black.  I’ve sat up a tree for hours with my camera on the tripod below and it’s so dark, I can hardly see them, even when they’re eating my peanuts.  A few nights ago, I managed to find a spot in the open where I could watch from a distance and this was the result.  On reflection, I should have had a longer lens so for the next few nights, I hauled my 300 2.8 down to the sett.  This would have been a much better result had it not been for cows!  For a start, I was harassed by the whole herd on the way down the field and then I found they were sharing my hide spot so I had to decamp elsewhere.  The result – zilch.  A good many hours wasting my time watching, well, nothing.  I really need to get back to my preferred spot but I need a solution to the cows which just won’t easily come to my mind…


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  1. Are they a couple or mother and child?

  2. Ray Brown says:

    Definitely parent and child but not sure which sex as it is difficult to tell the difference. Apparently, some males have a thinner, whiter tail but I’m afraid this image does not help.

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