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I was looking after Pedro last weekend.  He’s our friend’s amazing, retired, guide dog.  While on our early morning forage, we came across a rabbit warren that seems to have grown since last I saw it.  Pedro showed little interest but that’s not unusual since he seems to have been trained to ignore other animal species to the point where you wonder if he really is a dog.  However,  the warren seemed to be fairly active with evidence of fresh digging going on, enough to prompt me to fasten my naturecam to a nearby tree for the night.

The following morning, Pedro and I went back to recover the camera.  Still no reaction from the K9 squad and, to be honest, I was only hoping for, maybe, a passing badger on film.  I’ve seen better footage than that captured by my Bushnell but, still, there was no mistaking the deer, followed by a North American mink, followed by a fox with its head down a hole and, of course, the odd rabbit.  And this, 150 yards from my house.  I’m now away for a few days but I’ll definitely be investigating further when I get back.  I’m particularly concerned about the mink which, I wonder, is probably the mate of one we dispatched last year and which is no doubt creating havoc among the other wildlife in the area.  (Stop press – our neighbour dispatched a mink a few days later so, hopefully, we will have seen the last of them)

On a more general note, the badgers are still active (and so are the cows!), I keep hearing the green woodpecker although it’s some time since I saw it, the buzzards are about, a little owl keeps appearing on a nearby pole, and the tawny owlet(s) are still in the garden.

A couple of days ago, we paid a return visit to Robert Fuller’s studio at Thixendale and I learned a little about how Robert interacts with his local wildlife and gets his amazing photography.  I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to go to his lengths but it has given me a few ideas for next year. And, I’m wondering what else we have lurking around Kirkheaton that I don’t know about…


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  1. This website always cheers up the soul, just fabulous photos and just love Pedro…never seen an owl in the wild. What a glorious place you must live in Mr Brown. Must get out more and join a birdwatch club – Arundel wetlands my nearest I think.

  2. Ray Brown says:

    Thank you Kathryn. I’ve just been watching my latest baby owl video from the bottom of the garden. He turns up every night for his freebie day-old chick. I left the camera switched on during the morning and by chance captured a few tree sparrows playing on the tree stump, that is, until their fun was suddenly interrupted by the arrival of the sparrow hawk. Fortunately for the little ones, they all escaped but it was good to capture the altercation.

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