At the pond in June

These are my first photos at the pond in June.  The pheasant has a small brood of chicks but too small to find in the long grass where she’s keeping them safe from predators.  Also here, a juvenile long-tailed tit, a cinnabar moth, small tortoiseshells, a meadow brown and a small heath.

On the pond are a dancing troupe of azure damselflies, broad-bodied chaser, large red damselfly and the first of five emperor dragonflies I’ve seen so far this year.

For more dragonflies and damselflies, go to ‘At the pond in May’

Cinnabar moth
Long-tailed tit
Meadow brown
small tortoiseshell 2
small tortoiseshell
Azure damselfly
Small heath
Broad-bodied chaser
Large red damselfly

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