At the pond in August

It’s only the second day in August and it was a bit windy but I managed to find an emperor and a common darter in the grass surrounding the ponds here in Kirkheaton.  Then, the following day, an emerald damselfly, a gatekeeper and what I am reliably informed is a second brood, male, green-veined white, looking slightly different to those on the July post.

This morning was a good day for cinnabar moth caterpillars with lots of them feeding on the ragwort, yet more male and female common darters and a new arrival, the brown hawker.  And today, the 8th August, more of the same plus a nice Peacock butterfly.

10th August and in the early morning it was cool and grey when I found my first migrant hawker hunkered down in the undergrowth and later, one of our very few rabbits.

Emerald damselfly
Green-veined white
Cinnabar moth caterpillar 2
Cinnabar moth caterpillar
Brown hawker 2
Brown hawker 3
Brown hawker 4
Brown hawker
Common darter
Brown hawker
Common darter
Peacock 4
Migrant hawker 2
Migrant hawker
emperor dragonfly
female common darter 2
female common darter 3
female common darter

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