Something fishy going on…

It’s that time of year again when I have a few hours at the side of Stainforth Force in the Yorkshire Dales, one of the best places to view salmon returning up river to spawn.  Its always a bit of a challenge to get decent shots of them jumping the falls.  First of all you have to set a reasonable depth of field because you have no idea where the fish is going to appear so instant focus isn’t an option.  The average jump lasts about 1.5 seconds.  From my advanced driving days, I know that the human average reaction time is around .66 of a second (at my age, probably a bit longer!) so not only do you have to have a fast shutter speed but you also have to have a fast trigger finger.  Hesitate, or let your concentration lapse, and you’ve missed it.  Here are a few shots which illustrate the struggle of fish to negotiate these falls after fairly heavy rainfall – and my struggle in getting a decent image…

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