Our tawny owl

This is our young tawny owl, caught on my trail cam.  Born in our nest box he/she visits the garden every night and I have it on trailcam video taking my gift of a day old chick and then returning to the apple tree stump with a freshly caught mouse.  He (we’ll call him ‘he’ for ease of writing) has visited the tree stump three or four times per night, even as early as 7.30pm so, when I get the time, I might set up an SLR to try and capture some better shots.  Its great to see him still around since I thought by now his parents would be sending him to find his own territory.  My trailcam is more or less a permanent fixture on the tree so I’ll keep on monitoring his progress.

C[P] R0S0 T16C:P0000 TRAILCAM M1

C[P] R0S0 T12C:P0000 TRAILCAM M0


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P00[0:0] E[107:0681]G[100:0x1f] BV[49:0] IR[L]
P00[0:0] E[107:0681]G[084:0x1a] BV[53:0] IR[L]

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