Turtles, tortoises, snakes, otters, iguana and a nine-banded armadillo

You can often find a Florida cooter or a Florida soft-shell in the water but, for the first time, this year we found a soft-shell wandering around on the footpath.  The gopher tortoises are common in sandy areas where they dig their holes and often share them with all manner of other species.  The light coloured one is a youngster.  Our eagle-eyed friend, Barbara, was adept at snake-spotting.  These are two southern black racers.  It’s around 40 years since I saw an armadillo.  This sighting was down to listening carefully for movement in the undergrowth.  Our patience was rewarded when this wonderful little animal emerged right in front of us.  The green iguana is an import from the Caribbean, now a pest in Florida and the otters are resident at Celery Fields, Sarasota.

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Southern black racer 1
Southern black racer
Spouthern black racer 2
Florida clooter 1
Florida cooter
9 banded armadillo
Florida softshell 1
Florida softshell
Gopheer tortoise
Gopher toprtoise baby

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