The reed beds of Celery Fields

Celery Fields is a gem of a nature reserve on the outskirts of Sarasota, Florida.  These are just some of the regular animals in the reed beds here.  Red-winged blackbird, purple gallinule, sora, northern harrier, red-shouldered hawk, moorhen (or common gallinule), marsh rabbit, boat-tailed grackle and blue-winged teal.


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Blue-winged teal
boat-tailed grackle 2
Boat-tailed grackle 3
Boat-tailed grackle 4
Boat-tailed grackle 8
Boat-tailed grackles
Bpoat-tailed grackle 7
Marsh rabbit
Northern harrier 1
Northern harrier 2
Northern harrier
Purple gallinule
Red shouldered hawk 2

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