Shoreline birds

Walk along the shore of the Mexican Gulf in Florida in the late afternoon and you’ll find a myriad of birds beach-combing, fishing or, simply, resting.  Here are ring-billed gull, willet, sandwich tern, sanderling, ruddy turnstone, royal tern, lesser black-backed gull and laughing gull.  I photographed the black skimmer in very poor light but catching one skimming the surface of the water in search of food is a once in a long time opportunity.



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Royal terns
Ruddy turnstone 1
Ruddy turnstone 2
Ruddy turnstone
Sanderling 1
Sanderling 4
Sandwich tern
Sanderling 2
ring-billed gull
Black skimmer
Laughing gull
Lesser black-backed gull

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