Tawny owls at the nest

A lot has been going on in the Brown garden since I last posted some images.  First, a single fluffy head appeared in the entrance to the tawny owl nest box.  This was excitement enough but then last Friday, 8th May, another head appeared as brother or sister emerged.  Even at this age, tawny owlets are quite adventurous and it wasn’t long before the older of the two had climbed out onto a branch above the box.  Mum is now nowhere to be seen unless, unknown to us, she turns up to feed during the night.  Dad is doing a great job of looking after them both and, as you can see plainly, he pays the occasional visit during the day.  Both youngsters are looking great.  I’m supplementing their feeding with an extra chick every few nights.  Dad collects them and dumps them, unceremoniously, into the box for the youngsters to sort out themselves.

Last evening, I found the older sibling at the top of the apple tree and the adult male flew in to feed it there.  Today, he had swapped trees and was sitting atop the tree in among the blossom.  Napping for most of the time, he managed a few glances towards the camera and, as if it was too much trouble, yawned and went back to sleep.

This morning, both youngsters ended up in a hawthorn at the other end of the garden, having abandoned the nest for good.  The images with the hawthorn blossom are the younger sibling. I am expecting that tomorrow, they will both have gone.  Right opposite where they are now is an oak wood and I suspect they’ll end up there during the night.  (I was wrong!)

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