Staring me right in the face!

Green woodpeckers, Kirkheaton, Huddersfield


Those of you have been reading my blog will have heard about the elusive green woodpecker.  I managed to get a couple of shots off last year just after the young had fledged and, this year, I have been determined to find the nest.  Many times, I walked past a woodpecker hole which was just the right size but there was no sign of any occupants.  This morning, as I was retrieving my nature cam from the badgers sett, I decided to have a walk along the riverbank.  About 50 yards past the woodpecker hole, I heard the distinct call of a green woodpecker with that hollow ring as if he/she was calling from a tree hole.  I retraced my steps and then backed off to a nice spot where I could watch with the bins.  Within a couple of minutes, the adult male appeared and began feeding through the hole I’ve been watching for ages!

I fetched my hide and camera and within a short time I was photographing both adults.  Then an interesting thing happened.  One of the adults began spring cleaning, removing feathers and wood chips.  I wondered if he was actually excavating to make more space in the nest.  Given that the nest is about 200 yards from my home, I hope to see more of them over the next few days.  Certainly, there’s a lot of calling going on and plenty of activity now.

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  1. Your patience and perseverance has paid off again. Always enjoyable to see what you have accomplished.

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