Return Trip to Bird of Prey Centre

18 September 2013

We paid another visit to the York Bird of Prey Centre at Huby, York, today and were not disappointed.  It was much quieter than our last visit, being later in the season, nevertheless, there were plenty of staff on hand and we had a good time.  It was great to see the Barn Owl chicks which had been ugly balls of fluff last time we visited, now with their adult plumage and flying well.  We handled the Barn owl, Little Owl, European Eagle Owl, Harris Hawk and Common Buzzard.  We stayed for the 1330 flying display and saw the Barn Owl, Ferruginous Hawk, Australian Boobook owl (an amazingly friendly little character who lands on your lap and pokes about in anything that’s lying about) and Harris Hawk.  They now have a pair of laughing kookaburras and other breeding birds such as the Snowy Owl.

A great place to spend a day if you’re near York.

Barn Owl chick (4) Barn owlet (12)This is the owlet we saw flying yesterday and how she looked a few weeks earlier

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