Owl news and my Simon King hide – the latest

Last night at about 8.30pm, I arrived home to find the tawny owl sitting in the entrance to her box.  She looked around for 5-6 minutes while I watched her and then she took off.  Tonight, I set up my amazing Simon King hide for the very first time.  I zipped myself inside, the stitching unraveled and the zip came apart!  Otherwise, it seems like a very good hide…

So, I set up my camera and waited, and waited, until it got too dark for a photo.  I switched off the camera and, as I did so, I heard the sound of claws on plywood and out she came.  I swear she waited until I’d given up.  She then flew straight off down the field so I took the opportunity to extricate myself and return to the house – to write to and tell them about their amazing hide.

But the owl news is that, as I exited the hide, I could hear the distinct murmuring of baby owl(s) from the box. If I say so myself, this is fantastic news and I’m hoping that in the next few weeks I might manage to engineer some pics when the young leave the nest to stretch their wings.

Now, this is also newsworthy – I contacted at around 9pm tonight, Saturday, with my zip story and, at 10pm, Sarah emailed me offering to post me a new hide.  Sarah, what are you doing answering work emails on a Saturday night?

But is that customer service, or what?  Yes!  Well done, Sarah!  But, after you’ve posted my hide, have a day off.

Stay with me…

Almost 2 weeks later and I can hear the young birds twittering in the box.  I have a feeling that, as they grow, the adults are leaving them alone during the daytime as I can sometimes hear the female in my neighbour’s tree.  Soon, they should start to make an appearance if just to stretch their wings and have a look around.  I keep getting enquiries about them, their presence having ignited the interest of several of my friends.

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