Wonderful trip to Namibia.  My wife and I travelled from Windhoek down to the famous dunes at Sossusvlei, across to the Atlantic at Swakopmund, up to Damaraland and into the Etosha National Park.  You never know what you’re going to find.  We had no sooner left our lodge one morning when we spotted a cheetah at the roadside.  Zebra, giraffe and various antelope were commonplace and Etosha had such an amazing amount of animals and birds, we couldn’t wait to get out there.  It was not uncommon to find a rhino, or a whole pride of lion at a waterhole, lazing the day away while the other animals stood patiently to one side, unwilling to ‘test the water’.  Even lion move though, when 25-30 elephant arrive.  Strangely enough, one of the most interesting animals was the black backed jackal.  Normally a scavenger, he is also an opportunist, and as we found out, a dangerous predator.  Look out for a few of a series of photos I have when a jackal chased a springbok into a deep waterhole and then attacked him while he was vulnerable. Amazingly, on this occasion the springbok escaped but we heard that the jackals’ efforts were rewarded the following day when a number killed a springbok using the same strategy.

I’ll try and get some photos in, in the next few days.  Look out for a ‘Namibia’ tab.

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