Mosquitos et al…

Yesterday, a Thai lady told me that she was unaffected by mosquitos.  They only bit certain people.  I’m not sure whether the words ‘certain people’ were lost in translation or whether they had a particular meaning, for example, ‘tourists’ or maybe even ‘wimps’.  But I’m definitely one of them.  And the annoying thing is, they’re so practically invisible that you have difficulty even zapping them with the tennis bat thingy they give you.  They appear in front of you and then vanish.  And forget all the lotions, sprays, wrist bands and other stuff you can buy, because they’re not bothered and bite you anyway.

On our trips to Africa, we’ve always taken malaria tablets on medical advice but we hardly ever saw a mozzy.  According to Max, our guide in Pom Pom camp, Botswana, there is no malaria in the Okavango Delta because there are so few people.  That makes sense.  Here on Phi Phi Don island in Thailand, there is an abundance of mozzies and people but, thankfully, no malaria.

Which brings me to my photographic escapades over the last couple of weeks.  Here, and on Kohyaonoi, there isn’t a great deal of bird life but, it seems to me there isn’t a great deal of bird food.  Where there is nectar there are sunbirds and where there is fruit there are hornbills.  But, unless they’re hiding in the jungle, the species list is limited.  So, I’ve spent quite a bit of time tracking down what birds there are, dragonflies, bugs and butterflies and learning their habits in order to maximise my opportunities.  Animals and insects are creatures of habit.  Just like us, they have favourite places to eat, to rest and to roost, so it’s just a matter of watching, learning and then waiting and they come to you.  So, I ended up with a few more images than I expected.  They’re now on the site, my mozzy bites have disappeared and the awful little creatures are a distant memory.

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