In the garden

A quick update on what’s going on in the garden at present.

I’m afraid to say that Magnus (the magpie – see previous posts) has gone.  Where to, I’m not sure.  Since he was so keen on feeding here every day, I doubt that the news is good in that he may have flown off to join his mates.  I rather suspect he has come to grief while his one eye was looking the wrong way.  A good-looking fox is still visiting every night and the occasional badger wanders through the beam of the Bushnell.

Best of all is the constant presence of our young tawny owl who visits the apple tree stump three or four times every night.  I’m leaving him just one day old chick which he collects shortly after nightfall, then he returns at fairly regular intervals, I suspect, to check whether there is another free gift, but sometimes he does bring his own freshly caught mouse.  I thought that, by now, his parents would have sent him on his way to look for some new territory,  In a couple of months, the adults should be looking to pair up again for next year’s breeding season.  The box they used last year is clean and ready for use but I’ve now given them another option.  Thinking that the box I bought seems a tad small for a growing owl family, I have adapted a small water butt which was leaking.  A hole in the top half and a flap in the bottom, some wood shavings, and it was ready to haul up into the sycamore.  It blends in well with the foliage and ivy and to an owl, I would think, should look pretty much like a hole in the tree.  We’ll see.  I’ll let you know in the spring.

I have a trail cam out every night to capture the comings and goings of the young owl and, yesterday, I had an unexpected treat on film.  I had left the camera out until late morning and when I retrieved it, I spent a few minutes watching film of a group of tree sparrows playing on the tree stump until, that is, a sparrow hawk arrived and interrupted the party.  Fortunately for them, his attack was unsuccessful but it was nice the capture him on film.


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