In and around the garden

There are a few interesting things going on here at the moment.  A couple of days ago, we counted 18 Goldfinches feeding in our garden, of which 16 seemed to be juveniles.  Flying around the house and perched on the cables were at least 35 House Martins.  We’ve only had a couple of starlings in our garden in the past five years, but yesterday in Lepton, less than 2 miles away, I counted 300 on the wires above the village surgery.  Our Tree Sparrows have done well and are back up to double figures.  A couple of weeks ago, we had a fox in the garden and I know the local badgers are in fine fettle.

There are a few Tawny Owls calling and at least 4 Buzzards knocking about the area.  Yesterday, I saw one of the juvenile Sparrowhawks from the family I photographed earlier in the year and, although we don’t have any around here, I’m reading that barn owls have had a good year.  All in all, I reckon the kind weather has helped our feathered friends do well this year and I’m looking forward to getting some good pics as Autumn approaches.

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