The ducks are back and the owl is still here

31st March saw the female of our mallard pair fly into the garden, dead on time.   They arrive every year at this time for a three month stay, create havoc in my pond, sail around in my tiny lily pool and then wait to be fed!  She was joined the next day by her mate and they’re now back in regular residence.  Only once have they made a nest in the garden but the eggs were predated in quick time.  We’ll see what happens this year.

Meanwhile, the tawny owl is still in the nestbox.  A couple of afternoons past, I heard her calling to her mate who was roosting, hidden away, somewhere in my neighbour’s garden.  At about 8.45 pm just as it was dropping dark, she flew silently out to join him.  Tonight, he/she was sitting in our twisted willow above the feeding station by 8.30, even before it was properly dark.  Maybe she was waiting for prey feeding on the dropped seed below.

As I write this in the very early morning, she’s tweeting from one of our trees but it’s too dark to see her.  I’ve got a camera on the box so I’m hoping I’ll get to see a bit more of what’s going on.  Since the average ‘first egg date’ for tawny owls is March 23, she should be, at least, sitting on eggs.  Keep checking in for the next instalment.




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