Cunard’s response to the plastic issue

I am pleased to add this press release sent to me in response to my letter to Cunard.  Well done Cunard and P&O.  The U.K. Government seem to be getting a grip on the issue now but there’s lots we can do to contribute.

Don’t be shy about asking people to review their policies.  I spoke to the crew of a whale watching boat in Moss Landing because in the galley they had plastic cutlery and plastic cups – this on a boat which had just recovered a balloon from 12 miles out on the ocean and which relies on the ocean and its wildlife for its commercial existence.  They said nobody had mentioned the subject before and thanked me for raising it.

Plastics are an amazing technological success story but we’ve got to draw the line at our throw-away culture.   We should be looking at our own homes, our day to day purchasing practices, and be not afraid to encourage the ever-growing environmental action to preserve our planet’s wildlife.


Monday, February 05, 2018.

P&O Cruises and Cunard make 2022 single use plastics commitment

P&O Cruises and Cunard have stated an intention to remove single use plastics from the hotel operation on their ships by the end of 2022 as part of their overall environmental compliance plan.

Carnival UK president Josh Weinstein said “Whilst we have stringent regulations and procedures on board our ships for recycling, we need to go to the source of the supply chain to encourage changes to packaging and remove single use plastic products from our hotel operation.

“We are in discussions with our suppliers to try to influence the removal of single use plastic in products such as straws, water bottles and food packaging wherever possible, as well as reviewing our wider sourcing strategy of the most environmentally friendly products across the board.

“Programmes such as Blue Planet have shone a light on the impact plastic can have on our seas and it is our responsibility, as an ocean-going cruise line, to take action now, however many hurdles we have to face along the way.

“The ocean is a fundamental part of our business but more importantly its preservation and that of the surrounding shores is critical for our future and that of future generations. We, as well as our guests, have a duty to respect and protect it as part of our wider environmental protection.

“The second XL class ship for P&O Cruises, which is fully powered by LNG and one of the most environmentally advanced ships in the world, and the new Cunard ship will be launched in 2022 so this intention goes even further in our ongoing quest for environmental protection.”



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