Close to home

We can be forgiven for driving miles to this or that wildlife reserve to sit in a hide and photograph whatever passes in front.  I often do just that but I live on the edge of a village and keep seeing all kinds of wildlife in the immediate vicinity.  Sitting in my neighbour’s lounge the other week, a red kite floated past the bottom of the garden.  When out for a walk along our road, we saw three kestrels in the space of 200 metres.  I have seen badgers on plenty of occasions and I know there is at least one deer in the area so my latest acquisition is a Bushnell NatureView remote wildlife camera so I can see what’s about when I am not.

My first experiment involved a dead grey squirrel which I placed on my bottom lawn at tea time.  I switched on the camera, left it overnight and next day I had a very much overexposed Tawny Owl having a nibble of the squirrel, and a magpie.  Back to the instruction manual and the second experiment.  I took the camera to a wooded area close to home and fastened it to a tree, spread some peanuts on the ground and left it overnight.  This time, I got a roe deer (I think), three badgers, a fox, a grey squirrel, a cock pheasant and a partridge (but no pear trees) and several cows.  I was quite impressed with the camera which took some fairly acceptable pictures during daylight and infrared shots which were good, at least, for identification purposes.  Also, the images were timed so now I know when to expect the different species to appear.  Interestingly, the deer was out and about at teatime.

Next time you decide to drive miles to look for wildlife, maybe you should look closer to home…

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