Bird Photographer of the Year 2018

Great thicknee, Sri Lanka


No, I am not the Bird Photographer of the Year!  In fact, I rarely enter competitions for a number of reasons but last year I decided to send a few images to the Bird Photographer of the Year 2018 on the off-chance I might get a mention in dispatches and because the entry fee goes to a very good cause.  A couple of weeks ago, we had a great photographer visit our local RSPB meeting and he mentioned that he had a commendation in this year’s competition.  I was a tad disappointed at this because I’d heard nothing about my entries, assuming the results had been communicated to the successful entrants and I had heard nothing.

You know when, sometimes, you wake up in the middle of the night and a thought jumps into your head?  Well, at about 4am this morning, I thought, maybe, I’d missed my email so I picked up the iPad to have a look.  No emails, but when I googled BP of the Year, I discovered you could look up the shortlists to see how you had done.  Well, to cut a long story short, I did just that and these three of my images, a great thick-knee and a peacock from Sri Lanka, and a great white egret from Florida, while not reaching the shortlist are, nevertheless, commended by the expert judges.  The standard of photography in this worldwide competition is pretty amazing and congratulations to those who have reached the shortlist but, for the moment, I’m basking in the sunshine of my minor success…

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  1. It is wonderful to receive recognition from the professionals. Now Barbara and I an say “We knew him when…”.
    Looking forward to our Costa Rica visit together next year.

  2. Ray Brown says:

    Thanks both. Great to see you keep checking in. Costa Rica will be a dream. Get practicing!

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