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I can almost set my calendar by the mallards’ arrival to our garden.  The same pair turned up the day before yesterday and almost immediately emptied the ground feeders and churned up the pond to a murky dark grey.  They’ve been coming for eight years, arriving every March and leaving in…

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A dead sparrow hawk

A couple of days ago , we found a dead sparrow hawk under the apple tree in our garden.  It had no obvious sign of injury and I wondered if it had hit the tree in its rapid flight into the garden.  Strange.  Usually, birds we find dead in the garden have…

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Sri Lankan wildlife tour

I’m in Sri Lanka at present, sitting by a pool, relaxing after climbing the 5th century Sigiriya Rock fortress, which was ok because it was raining and all the birds were hiding.  We spent the last two days at Wilpattu national park where the roads are so bad you have…

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Thanks a lot from me and WaterAid

Thanks to everyone who bought one of my 2016 Worldwide Wildlife calendars, I will be sending £200 to WaterAid and thanks to the UK government who will match the donation.  With gift aid and the government’s contribution, WaterAid will receive a total of £450. Happy Christmas to everyone! Ray  

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South Florida birding trail

Birders and photographers in the UK will often travel miles to see a single osprey.  I’m lying in my bed in a nice little apartment on Sanibel Island on Florida’s Gulf coast and outside in a tall palm tree is an osprey nest.  Just up the road is another.  Sanibel…

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Stainforth Force salmon leap

Last year, I spent a morning at Stainforth Force on the River Ribble, hoping to get some decent shots of the salmon leaping the falls on their way to their spawning grounds.  My visit was not particularly successful since there were few fish performing and those that did, didn’t perform to…

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Once more to the ice

Having enjoyed Svalbard so much last year, we decided, this year, to take a cold cruise with Fred to Norway, Spitsbergen, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.  (For those not in the cruising community, ‘Fred’ is Fred Olsen, referred to by his first name by those faithfuls who are proud to…

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River Gwash ospreys

I had the chance to join three other guys at the River Gwash trout farm near Rutland Water, this morning, to photograph ospreys.  I’d been to Rothiemurchus in the Cairngorms last year and enjoyed a few hours alone in a hide, catching a couple of birds fishing.  Another opportunity within…

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An hour in the garden

It’s another one of those hot days, I think about the third this year, and I’ve decided to spend an hour sitting at my bedroom window to see if I can shoot anything interesting in that time.  So, I ignored our resident wood pigeon, beautiful though he is, his stock…

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Norfolk in June

I was mistaken when I thought June would be balmy in Norfolk.  I soon lost my shorts in favour of something warmer and, yesterday, donned my body warmer, coat and fleecy hat.  An easterly wind blowing off the North Sea was bitter at times, despite some sunshine.  And, whether it…

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